New Joburg Mayor Mpho Moerane to focus on accelerating service delivery

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Newly elected City of Johannesburg Mayor Mpho Moerane has committed to continue accelerating service delivery, started by the late former Mayors Geoff Makhubo and Jolidee Matongo.

Moerane was giving his acceptance speech following his election as Mayor.  The city lost the two former mayors in a space of three months.

Moerane says he is greatly humbled by being elected to lead the people of Johannesburg.

He says he is looking forward to picking up where his predecessors left off.

“Both Mayor Matongo and Makhubo were more than fellow councillors, they were both my friends and who were committed to serving the people of Johannesburg to the best of their abilities. Madam Speaker, we are left with only 30 days to the end of the current term of office. And therefore I wish to take this moment to recommit to continuity of visible service delivery.”

One of  Moerane’s main priorities is power supply.

“Major issues that we will be tackling will be the electricity problems in Eskom supplied areas, that is the first one. We will continue with our accelerated service delivery making sure we fix our roads, fix street lights, ensure there is water supply, traffic lights are working, fix potholes. So, we have a plan it is not new, it’s what Mayor Makhubo started what Matongo carried on with,  we’re just implementing.”

Mayor Moerane outlines his priorities: