Natu president fears for his life

Allen Thompson
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The National Teachers Union (Natu) has made startling allegations of a plot to have the union’s president Allan Thompson either criminally charged or assassinated.

The union would not say who is behind the plot.

Natu briefed the media on what they called continuous attempts to clean up the corrupt ridden KwaZulu-Natal department of education.

The union claims some government officials are out to eliminate its president – a plot to destroy the organisation.

The union claims the plot was confirmed by an intelligence source and an official of the provincial department of education.

Natu claims their problems emanate from their 200 million sanitary pads exposé. Following the exposé, then Natu deputy president Alan Thompson was shot. A large amount of money and document was allegedly taken from his car.

Thompson says, “We have received information from very reliable sources which include our own intelligence which also include senior government officials that I must run for my life, because there is a decision that has been taken at a political level to eliminate me.”

Thompson claims the information in their disposal also reveals that if attempts to kill him fail, he must be arrested.

In 2018, Thompson survived an alleged assassination attempt in Durban. Thompson says police have not mentioned anything about investigating him.

It’s been over a year since Thompson’s first alleged assassination attempt. No arrests have been made.

The union is adamant the assassination threats will not deter it from exposing corruption.