The Presidency has six months to come up with a national strategic plan to deal decisively with gender-based violence.

This emerged at the end of the two-day presidential gender-based violence summit in Pretoria.

Minister of Women in the Presidency Bathabile Dlamini gave the assurance that the presidential summit was not another talk shop.

Dlamini said government departments and municipalities would reconfigure their budgets to accommodate awareness programmes on gender-based violence.

“From planning of the budget speech to the budget votes by ministers – that’s where we need to make drastic changes to ensure that provinces and municipalities have a very clear agenda when it comes to budgeting for programs to ensure that we fight patriarchy. But we also need programs to focus on violence against women.”

Meanwhile, lobby group #TotalShutDown says it believes President Cyril Ramaphosa will make good on his promises that government will render the necessary support programmes to curb gender-based violence.

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