National Arts Festival officially opens

Young artists
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The National Arts Festival has officially opened its gates to thousands of locals and tourists who are flocking to Makhanda to be a part of it.

This year, the festival celebrates its 45th anniversary and scores of local artists will have a chance to give the expected large audience a variety of performances.

CEO of the Grahamstown National Arts Festival Tony Lankester says this year’s mission is to encourage young artists to start exploring art within technology.

“There are a whole lot of tools out there now that just make it so easy for artists to get their stories out there in an entertaining way. So what we wanted to do is create the space that explores the areas where technology and creativity converge. Make those tools available to artists teach them how to use them and inspire them to find new ways to tell their stories.  So this is a combination of exhibition tools, workshops and productions.”

People who have come to the festival say they are excited about what this year might bring. Some say they are looking forward to the launch of the Art program.

“I am very excited because this is my first time to be in South Africa and I wanted to study a PhD. I’m excited about the Arts program, we are very excited about the festival,” says a participant.

“I’m excited about the Arts launch and the exhibition between land and the fruits by Tanya Peterson,” adds another festival goer.

“For me everything about it is quite exciting, I like the vibe. Grahamstown is normally quiet,” says another festival goer.