N West health Department to implement new filing system

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The Department of Health in North West says a national government administrator is working on establishing a new provincial filing system for health services.

Problems with filing at government hospitals are part of the health crisis that led to the department being put under national administration in April.

Jeanette Hunter from the national health department was appointed as the administrator.

Spokesperson Tebogo Lekgethwane describes what Hunter is doing about the filing problem.

“The administrator has been going to all facilities across the province , she is going from one facility to other, filing is one of things that are priority on the things she is doing.  In terms of this new filing system that we want to implement, we will start with piloting it, “says Lekgethwane.

Meanwhile, patients at Taung Hospital in the province say they’ve lost out on Road Accident Fund claims as a result of their files being lost.

One patient says for her to be able to get compensation from the Road Accident Fund, she has to find the lost file. The patient says the hospital is telling her that they may have thrown it away because the files were just too many.

However, the patient says in 2011 when she came for admission in the hospital, they made a new file saying the old one was missing.