Motorists will need to spend more money to stay mobile: AA

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Motorists can expect a steep petrol price increase next month. The Automobile Association (AA) says unaudited data from the Central Energy Fund shows that 95 unleaded petrol is expected to increase by 52 cents per litre while 93 unleaded is expected to jump by around 56 cents a litre.

However, the wholesale price of diesel is expected to decrease by between 31 cents per litre and 57 cents per litre while the cost of illuminating paraffin is slated to come down by around 32 cents per litre.

AA’s Layton Beard says, “The decrease in diesel and paraffin prices is good news especially as the country enters colder months. But the increases in petrol prices will add a strain to the already stretched budgets. There is no doubt these are difficult times and petrol price increases will come as bad news for many who will have to dig even deeper in their pockets to keep mobile.”