Motorists urged to take advantage of grace period

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The Road Traffic Infringement Agency (RTIA) is encouraging motorists to make use of the grace period provided for lifting all enforcement orders, offering relief to those who faced difficulties renewing their vehicle or driving licences due to old traffic fines.

In response to mounting concerns and complaints, the RTIA took action in August to lift enforcement orders associated with aged traffic fines. These orders had previously hindered motorists from renewing their licences. This move came after lobbying efforts by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), which highlighted the issue of traffic authorities employing old fines to issue enforcement orders and demand payments before allowing licence renewals.

As part of the ongoing Transport Month Campaign, operating under the theme “Siyakha, We are building,” the RTIA is taking proactive steps to support road users. Monde Mkalipi, a spokesperson for the agency, emphasised the significance of this grace period.

Mkalipi says, “This means that even if road users had infringement notices that could not be honoured in terms of resolving them, during this time, the RTIA is calling upon road users to come forward and renew their licence discs or renew their driving licences. It means road users would not be expected to, not necessarily make any payments for now. If you have committed an infringement, you can come forward and get a 50% discount.”

This initiative aims to alleviate the burden on motorists while promoting compliance with road regulations.

Renewing driving and vehicle licences order lifted