Motorists urged to exercise caution as traffic is expected to peak

Officers and motorists at a roadblock
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Johannesburg Metro Police Spokesperson Wayne Minnaar has called on motorists to co-operate with traffic officials as they make their way home Monday after the long weekend.

He says motorists should take extra care particularly in the light of the increase in traffic violations such as drunken driving, speeding and reckless and negligent driving.

“Increased police visibility is definitely a deterrent. The situation could have been worse had it not been for the roadblocks; had it not been for the officers doing the Buyamthetho which has been helping to get officers more visible. So, that’s going to be the trend for tonight (Sunday) and for tomorrow (Monday ) and we also call on motorists to cooperate, not to speed. It’s a number of factors; not to consume alcohol and drive and to be cautious and also to look out for pedestrians because they make up half of deaths on the roads every long weekends.”

Minnaar says peak traffic volumes are expected on Monday from noon when motorists return home after the long weekend.

“We’ve had dozens of roadblocks since Friday, over 70 drunken drivers arrested and there are still many drunken drivers. We are still having a  holiday coming up tomorrow (on Monday) with many people going to be driving and many returning to Gauteng from other provinces. Just last week, we saw the two fatal accidents coming from Zimbabwe to Gauteng. So, it’s a huge concern that we are still having these fatal accidents.”

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