Montana to continue with his testimony at State Capture Inquiry

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The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in Johannesburg will continue to hear evidence related to allegations of corruption at the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) from former Group Chief Executive Officer Lucky Montana.

The Commission will also hear Eskom-related evidence from an expert witness from Quintessence Digital Forensics, Cecil Louwrens.

Montana has denied former Prasa General Manager of Legal Services, Fani Dingiswayo’s, allegations that he used his powers to wield undue influence and enter into an irregular contract with Prodigy PTY Limited.

The video below is Tuesday’s live stream proceedings:

Montana also denied allegations that he refused to take legal advice before signing an allegedly irregular contract worth R72 million for a learnership programme with Prodigy.

“Here’s someone whose going [to] tell us about how these contracts were concluded yet he was not even working for Prasa when this thing was signed. So maybe Mr Dingiswayo may want to bring somebody who told him this story because now we are dealing with someone who wasn’t there.”

“If this comes from an investigation, he must state that not as if he was personally there because I’m going to read my affidavit on this particular issue,” adds Montana.

Montana has also disputed the Auditor’s General’s report that irregular expenditure ballooned from R100 million in 2013 to R14 billion in 2015 under his watch. He labelled this as a political game by his detractors.

Montana’s testimony in the video below: