Moloto dismisses reinstatement of PAC member in parliament

Narius Moloto
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The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania’s (PAC) Narius Moloto has dismissed calls by newly-elected PAC President Mzwanele Nyontsho for the reinstatement of the party’s sole Member of Parliament Luthando Mbinda.

Nyontsho was in Parliament this week to meet with the Secretary to the National Assembly Masibulele Xaso over Mbinda’s seat.

Moloto who is contesting the leadership position of the party in court says Mbinda cannot return to Parliament because he was removed through a court order.

“No we have not declared a dispute with parliament; we are not fighting with parliament. There are no issues with parliament; the issue is with the statement by Nyontso to reinstate Binda. It is a day dream.”

“It cannot happen because that one is before the court. As far as the legal position of the PAC is concerned nothing remains changed. So we are quite happy with the way we are working with parliament, with the way we are working with the IEC.

So this announcement is just simply to confuse the public and that’s the unfortunate part of it.”