Thousands of mine-workers across the country remain divided on whether to form part of Tuesday’s Worker’s Day celebrations, or not.

This is as Amcu affiliated mine-workers which is dominant on  the platinum belt in the North West, have snubbed the celebrations, insisting that it must be moved to 16th of August, to remember the struggle of the working class when 34 mine-workers were shot and killed by police in Lonmin in 2012.

However, members of the NUM, which is a Cosatu affiliate, have already started the celebrations, maintaining that it is part of the global community.

NUM’s deputy president, Joseph Montisetse says, “The National Union of Mine-workers have fought for May Day. You will understand that during apartheid May Day was not recognised. This is the day of workers internationally. We are not part of those that are saying this day must be moved to August whatever. We celebrate May Day.”

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