McKenzie rejects claims PA is pro-coloured people only

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Patriotic Alliance (PA) President Gayton McKenzie has dispelled claims that the party advocates for coloured people only.

McKenzie was speaking on Sunday at the party’s final rally held at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria ahead of the May 29 elections.

He maintained that all reports circulating were just lies as the PA is the only political party that boasts a multi-racial national executive committee (NEC).

“We are here today to come and tell them that we are the only party in South Africa that has all nationalities in the NEC. We are the only party in South Africa that has Premier candidates who are of different races. So we are here to tell them not to lie about us. We are not a coloured party but a colourful party.”

Three non-negotiable principles

McKenzie said the PA has three non-negotiable principles that should be met before entering into any coalition government after the general elections, and that his party will not negotiate when it comes to bringing God back into schools, the death penalty and mass deportations.

While the Western Cape alongside Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal have been touted as the country’s political battlefields, McKenzie told party supporters that he was certain that the Democratic Alliance (DA) would lose the Western Cape province in the upcoming elections.

“The Western Cape is gone. The DA is out of the Western Cape. They can do what they like. They are fighting me with the legal fraternity. They are fighting me with their judges. They are fighting me with their newspaper men but ek sê one baiza nie,” he says.

He further indicated that Israel’s bombardment of Gaza was not the PA’s immediate priority saying if successful in the elections, he will be the first President to bring the Israelis and Palestinians together for peace.