The African National Congress (ANC) Integrity Commission has recommended that Deputy Finance Minister David Masondo step aside from the post as well as head of the political school. This is over reports about a woman that Masondo had been in a relationship with.

Last year, Masondo was accused of using his influence to get his former mistress arrested for alleged extortion.

Integrity Commission did not want an engagement on the morality or the rights and wrongs of his affair with Palesa Libitsi, a journalist with the Mail and Guardian.

#BREAKING The @MYANC Intergrity Commission has recommended that the Deputy Minister of Finance David Masondo step aside as DM and Head of party political school. This is in relation to a story of Masondo and women he had been in a ‘relationship’ with. #sabcnews

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The ANC’s Integrity Commission says in a letter written to Masondo that his actions have brought the party into disrepute. The Commission further says the abuse of women cannot be tolerated.

The commission is focusing on the allegation of the abuse of power. It mentions a lack of judgment in entering into and sustaining a relationship with Libitsi considering his seniority in the ANC and in government.

Masondo felt that because of the negative media coverage, over which he had no control, it had negative impact on the ANC.

Masondo explained that he felt he needed to account and explain his actions, to take responsibility because whatever he does impacts on the image of the ANC.

With regard to the issue of the abuse of women, Masondo repeatedly asserted his understanding of the extent of the abuse of women and their vulnerability in society even to the point of explaining that he had originally given money to Palesa because he understood the difficulties facing young black women.

ANC Spokesperson Pule Mabe on Masondo’s fate:

Below is ANC Integrity Commission report: