Mashatile calls on courts ‘not to be soft’ on GBV perpetrators

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Deputy President Paul Mashatile has urged the National Prosecuting Authority to deal decisively with perpetrators of sexual offences against women and children.

He made the call at the launch of the 16 Days of Activism of No Violence Against Women and Children Campaign at a stadium near White River in Mpumalanga yesterday.

Mashatile says, “We call upon our courts not to be soft against perpetrators. We must put this to an end because as a society we bear equal responsibility …. if we remain ignorant of the infringement that is perpetrated against women’s freedoms.”

“We must report and condemn perpetrators who reside within our communities. Those who violate the rights of women and children should no never be granted forgiveness,” he adds.

VIDEO: Deputy President Paul Mashatile delivers keynote address on 16 Days of Activism: