Unemployment, economy, land are major manifesto issues: ANC

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African National Congress (ANC) General Manager, Fébé Potgieter, says one of the major issues that their manifesto will look at is how to tackle unemployment.

The ANC is set to unveil its 2024 elections manifesto on Saturday at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in KwaZulu-Natal.

Potgieter says the land question also remains an important part of their manifesto.

She says, “The 2024 manifesto will look at where we come from, and what are the immediate problems that voters say. I think that amongst those issues of course are the economy and unemployment.”

“So we will have to put those plans in place to respond to those issues so that we turn the trajectory of the economy around after 30 years of democracy. That’s one of the major new issues that we will look at. Some of the other areas relate to the challenges of water, of sanitation, of basic services,” Potgieter adds.

Interview with ANC General Manager, Fébé Potgieter: