Mangaung Metro is trying to find a solution to land conflict: Mayor

Bloemfontein protest
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The Mangaung Metro municipality in the Free State says it is hard at work to find a solution that will best address the tension in Lourierpark in Bloemfontein.

Residents and people who have invaded land are at loggerheads.

Mangaung Mayor Gregory Nthatisi says people who have invaded are those who have learnt about the municipal land rezoned for a residential area.

Nthatisi says the Metro will continue to abide by the court order that instructs them not to remove residents who have already erected structures but to stop further land grabs.

He says that they need to strike a balance for a harmonious living for all residents.

Nthatisi says, “The situation that we are dealing with is as easy as take, move, do as you wish. We need to take into consideration that we are dealing with people that are coming from a very difficult situation, whose shacks wherever they come from were in places where they were not supposed to be, on a water-locked land with these rains that we see, on dongas… We are actually finding ourselves as leaders to be making sure that we bring harmony and peace that’s what we are doing and will do our best.”

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