Mangaung ANC members file court papers against party

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Disgruntled African National Congress (ANC) members in the Mangaung region have filed papers in the High Court in Bloemfontein in which they accuse the party of disregarding its oversight role.

ANC Mangaung member, Ditaba Mokhutle and two other applicants want the court to declare the Free State ANC’s Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) as an illegal structure whose term of office has expired.

They also want the court to prohibit the IPC from overseeing branch, regional and provincial conferences.

Applicants want the ANC to appoint an Interim Task Team to run the affairs of the party until the new Provincial Executive Committee has been elected.

Branch Biennial General meetings

Last month, the members accused the IPC of frustrating and delaying convening Branch biennial general meetings ahead of the provincial elective conference.

The members are also accusing the IPC of not cooperating with them and have threatened to disrupt the upcoming provincial elective conference if their demands are not met.

ANC Mangaung regional committee member, James van Vollenhoven says, “There is a roadmap that is adopted and the IPC seems not to be implementing it. They are busy disbanding branches and rejecting the 25 branches out of 51 branches in this region, that have successfully convened by AGM, all of which are gathered here today. Instead of abiding by the court order, the IPC issued a further extension of branch membership.”

VIDEO:  In September, disgruntled ANC members called on the NEC to dissolve the Free State’s Interim Provincial Committee: