Malema’s defence challenges ballistic expert’s findings

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The legal representatives of EFF leader Julius Malema and his bodyguard Adriaan Snyman have pointed inconsistencies in the evidence of State’s ballistics expert.

Mandisi Mgwedleka was tasked to examine a cartridge picked up at Sisa Dukashe Stadium where the EFF celebrated it’s fifth anniversary in 2018.

The legal representatives went as far as saying, the cartridge examined is not the one which was fired from the firearm in question, because they are not 100 percent matching.

It is the second time ballistics expert, Mandisi Mgwedleka called to testify in this trial. He told the court that he could not ascertain as to when the cartridge in question was fired.

Defence Advocate Shane Matthews, the legal representatives of the accused, believe his story does not add up.

“I put it to you that you are absolutely wrong as you did on the last occasion. I point to you that you have absolutely no idea as to what the standard is required before positive match can be made to it.”

Mgwedleka refuted the claims made by the legal representatives of the accused.

“I differ Your Worship that fired cartridge case was fired in that particular firearm that was my finding your worship.”

In an unexpected turn of events, Malema lashed out on the late coming of the presiding Magistrate Twanette Olivier to the courtroom.

“If it means prison, let it be prison, but no one must disrespect us like that, no on, no magistrate, no prosecutor must disrespect us like that and then we keep quiet. She has never been early to any court. She says come at 12h00, we come at 12h00, she is never here. We must not talk because we are scared to go to jail, of being disrespected. Can’t be, we have rights and our rights must be respected.”

The magistrate responded to these allegations by saying she was not late and that she had requested to meet with the legal representatives before the court session commenced.

The trial continues.