Malema unveils EFF’s Northern Cape manifesto in Galeshewe

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says South Africa is under siege from corrupt organs of the state.

Malema says the office of the Public Protector, the Judiciary and the Parliament have all collapsed as they are led by dubious leaders.

He was addressing hundreds of supporters at the EFF’s Northern Cape election Manifesto rally at Galeshewe stadium in Kimberley.

Water cuts, power outages, drug abuse and youth unemployment came under the spotlight as hundreds of EFF supporters converged at the Galeshewe stadium in Kimberley, listening to EFF leader outlining his party’s election manifesto.

The rally follows the party’s campaigns in the Free State and the Eastern Cape.

Northern Cape residents told the SABC there is nothing to celebrate after 30 years of democracy as they are still living under challenging conditions.

One resident says, “We are complaining about water but under eff government we are going to see changes. we are not going to suffer more than here.”

“There is no work, there is no water and there is sewage, there is no maintenance there. water is a problem and electricity. they must help us with that. we need to have sanitation because without water there is no life one other thing is our youth is dying because there is no work,” laments another.

Rieldancer Artist, composer and guitarist, Jan Isaacs says the wishes of the San, Khoi and Nama people are for the new government to recognise their artistic contributions.

Isaacs better known as Boeta Gammie was one of the performers at the rally. Isaacs says the government should do more to embrace the culture and heritage of indigenous groups.

“Reel dance is the oldest dance in South Africa. It is part of the Khoisan that is my roots. For me, it’s an honor to be here. It’s great. From our side of the Khoisan, we need to have our own ownership, our ownership is our heritage and culture. what I need from the eff if they come in government just recognise us as reel dance, people, dancers, and musicians.”

Marshals had their hands full, trying to control a large group of EFF supporters who wanted to force their way into the stadium to listen to their leader.

According to the EFF Northern Cape chairperson Shadrack Tlhaole this showed the party was ready to wrestle power from the ANC in the 2024 general elections.

“We want the eff to be in charge of the northern cape. the eff must produce the premier of the northern cape under the leadership of the eff because this is a collective organisation. That alone is giving a sign that indeed the eff is ready we are ready because of the commitment we have done.”

EFF leader Julius Malema says South Africa is under siege from corrupt organs of the state. Malema singles out the Public Protector’s Office, the Judiciary and Parliament, saying they have collapsed because they are led by tainted individuals.

“The second arm of the state called legislature is led by a person who is in trouble with the law. She has been taking bribes after bribes. today a parliament is led by a person who is in trouble with the law. another arm of the state is called the judiciary which is led by Zondo. Zondo said the ANC did a good job by electing Cyril Ramaphosa as the president of the ANC.”

Malema also takes a swipe at the Northern Cape government saying the provincial government has failed its people on issues of safe reliable water and sanitation, potholes, and a collapsed health care system.