Malema responds to criticism about funding his lifestyle

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has responded to criticism that those who vote for the party in the upcoming elections will only be funding his lifestyle.

Malema was speaking in Midrand in Gauteng 0n Saturday where the EFF held one of its Town Hall meetings, as it gears up for the 29 May elections.

The EFF leader says the comments are motivated by those who only want to undermine him.

“So, the accusation that I do this to finance my lifestyle is necessitated by the fact that you can’t fault me politically. And they start splitting hair and trying to find fault with him; he doesn’t have a degree, woodwork, what, what. I fixed that. And then you come with this I fix that. Where I’m wrong I accept and I fix that. They say you are overweight I fix that,” says Malema.

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