Makhanda National Arts Festival expected to be abuzz with performances

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The 49th National Arts Festival under way in Makhanda in the Eastern Cape is expected to be abuzz of artistic showcases for the week ahead. The festival is back in full swing and this year, will mark the second physical contact festival after being held virtually for two years due to Covid 19.

For the next 10 days, Makhanda is expected to be abuzz with various performances on stage and artists showcasing their talents.

The event is an economic booster for the town, normally creating job opportunities for hundreds of locals. Arts festival CEO, Monica Newton says the town is expected to be abuzz.

“But fundamentally what we really hoping to achieve is for people to have fun they have an experience that changes them. They meet artists, they meet each other and they meet the city of Makhanda. They meet us at a time where we are facing some challenges but the festival is such an important part of the town. We are 49 this year so its an important part of the history of the town and its a celebration of all things artistic so there’s no down side too.”

The 49th annual National Arts Festival gets of to a colourful start: