Make South Africa a zoo-free country: Khoisan

Khoisan people leaving the cage
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As the country commemorates Human Rights Day, requests to make South Africa a zoo-free country, have been echoed by the Khoisan in the Eastern Cape.

In East London, five Khoisan leaders exited a cage after spending 11 days in it, highlighting the rights of caged animals. The group wants zoos to be converted into recreational spaces to educate people about the history of our country.

Khoisan member, Christian Martin, says that they are trying to be the voice of the animals. He says that South Africa should play a leading role in trying to ensure that the world is a zoo-free space.

Animal activists also made their voices heard. Elizabeth Khan of Ban Animal Trading (BAT) says that animals also have rights and those rights should be respected.

The peaceful protest was marred by the appearance of the old South African flag. Joshua Kloppers and Lara Venter from a student organisation for animal rights say that they are appalled by such behaviour and, while they support the course, they stand against racism, especially on Human Rights Day.

There was no one from Buffalo City Metro to collect the petition. When contacted for comment, they indicated they were willing to work with the public to improve the living conditions of animals at East London Zoo.