Lynne Brown led SOEs with an iron fist: Tlhakude

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Former Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown led state-owned enterprises including arms manufacturer Denel with an iron fist. That is according to Khathatso Tlhakude, the department’s current Deputy Director-General who testified before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in Parktown, Johannesburg.

He says Brown made it clear that officials were not allowed to act without her directive.

“She is the shareholder representative and as officials, literally, we should know our place, and that we cannot act without her directive. We would meet as our job requires often as the SOC and this did not really seat well with her and the first time I got to understand the word capture was when she used it, she referred to us as the Excco (Executive Committee), the DDG (Deputy Director General) that we are captured.”

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