A large police contingent has been deployed to Mary Fitzgerald Square in the Joburg CBD where protesters are expected to arrive.

Two groups one calling themselves the “Hands Off President Zuma” campaign and Protect Luthuli House, will take to the streets.

The situation is still calm at Mary Fitzgerald square. Dozens of police officials have already made their way to the square, as they will monitor proceedings as protesters take to the streets.

One group calling themselves the “Hands off Zuma” campaign, will march for President Jacob Zuma to not be removed from power. While the other group will form a human chain at the ANC’s headquarters, and protect Luthuli House. These demonstrations are only expected to get underway from 11 O’clock.

Their memorandum will include calls for President Jacob Zuma to remain head of state.

SABC reporter Adrin Sampear says that the Black First Land First (BLF) has made it clear that they don’t want any black on black violence and the only thing they want is to deliver their memorandum. They say they find it quite strange that there will be a human chain around the house also considering that some of these people who are part of the “Hands Off President Zuma” are people who are members of the ANC.

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