VIDEO | Government has no concrete plan to deal with load shedding: Malema

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says there is no verifiable plan to fix the current load shedding. Malema is speaking at the party’s 4th Annual Plenum of the 2nd National People’s Assembly.

“Comrades there is no verifiable plan to fix the current crisis at Eskom, and to make matters worse there is no policy certainty as to what sources of energy ought to be used to ensure stable electricity supply in South Africa,” he claims.


He adds that the party will also focus on the country’s challenges. “The plenum marks an opportunity for us as a collective leadership from all over the country and within the legislative sphere to reflect on the challenges confronting us internally and externally while setting the agenda for the organisation for the next year.“

Election year

Addressing delegates at the plenum, Malema says the gathering is aimed at celebrating the strides the party has made in sustaining a leftist and socialist organisation.

Malema says, “Our strategies and tactics must always be mindful of the fact that not only are we in a campaign phase of the election year, but we are also equally celebrating a monumental achievement of sustaining a leftist and socialist organisation in a hostile and capitalist condition for 10 years. .. A decade ago we undertook the task of building a movement that will be a place for refugees, for the poor, a shoulder to lean on for the abused, a source of strength for the exploited, a place where those who have been historically forgotten can find their identity and ultimately liberate themselves.”

‘Personal wealth’

He warns party delegates not to accumulate so much personal wealth, “that the hunger of our people for land, jobs, education and a decent life, become slogans that we cheer whenever we celebrate our own existence.”

The EFF leader adds that the movement arose from a consensus of the poor and those who realised that the political freedom achieved in 1994 was meaningless without economic freedom.