Limpopo school gets new cyber lab

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Learners at Ramogabudi Senior Secondary School at Mokopane in Limpopo are set to benefit from a new cyber lab that has been handed over to their school. This is part of government’s initiative to improve technology infrastructure across schools in townships and villages.

Communications and Digital Technologies Minister Mondli Gungubele visited the school for the official handover. Learners are eager to incorporate technology into their daily lessons.

“Learning based on technology on academics, we can have access to countless information, I see this as a big opportunity,” a learner says.

“I think it is a very fascinating opportunity for us to have this kind of technology in our school so that we can learn more,” another learner explains.

“This kind of opportunity is rare to most schools, so I think we are lucky in this school to have this kind of technology,” a learner elaborates.

“This technology that is brought here can help us in the classroom,” another learner says.

The school was selected as a beneficiary at its district however, more schools also stand to benefit. The project has already been rolled out at schools in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape.

“I think the ambition is that all schools should be cyber lab centres but we are not waiting for that. The other schools do not have cyber labs are not going to depend on this as I listed for you. We are already dealing with no less than 16 districts in the country and those schools that are in the covered areas are going to have access online,” says Gungubele.

The program is facilitated by the State IT Agency.

“We’ve done this project even last year. I think we have done similar projects in the Eastern Cape, KZN. We are moving along, what we are doing here is that we are bringing connectivity to townships and rural schools,” says SITA’s Musa Khumalo.

Learners have also received laptops. They will also be trained in the field of robotics.