African Farmers Association of South Africa Chairperson in Limpopo, Tshianeo Mathidi, says the recent heatwave in the province has negatively affected their produces.

High temperatures are expected on Thursday and Friday.

The most affected parts in the province are Vhembe and Mopani Districts.

Some parts of Limpopo province are experiencing sweltering temperatures due to heatwave. This is expected until Friday.

Musina and Thohoyandou maximum temperatures are expected to reach more than 40 degree Celsius on Thursday and Friday.

The recent high temperatures have already hit the farming sector.

Mathidi says the price of the products will most likely rise as farmers are not able to produce enough due to high temperatures.

“This heat is just a continuation of the drought that we were suffering for the past three years, so much that as  farmers we are suffering heavily because our products or our fruits and vegetables are not yielding what they are supposed to yield and this is a serious loss. Because it is after we have done everything to make sure that we produce well. So, this heat is really going to affect us so much that even the price of the product will be high.”

Meanwhile, the turn out at the month-long traditional bare-knuckle fist fights – ‘Musangwe’ tournament which is being held at Tshifudi cattle dip outside Thohoyandou is low due to high temperatures.

Tournament President Tshilidzi “Poison” Ndevane says they will continue to brace the heatwave for the love of their traditional sport.

Ndevane says the tournament will continue on Thursday.

“We are expecting a lot of champions to come and meet here on the 29th. We will be crowning the champion. Everything will go well according to our plan. Temperatures are also disturbing us. Why, because when I look at the attendants we have got a very few attendance here.”

Weather forecaster Dipuo Tawane says that maximum temperatures are expected to reach more than 40 degrees Celsius in Musina and Thohoyandou.

“The temperature is fairly high in Limpopo. We are still expecting that it will be extremely hot. We are looking at temperatures of 40 and above for that area. We are expecting the temperatures to be extremely hot and by Friday we are expecting on and off rain and showers. We are expecting the temperatures to start cooling even further on Friday onwards.”

Some parts of Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces are also experiencing high temperatures.

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