Radio legend Bob Mabena has passed on. The 51-year-old passed away this afternoon from cardiac arrest.

“Bob Mabena was admitted to hospital on Saturday. He was discharged from hospital today, on his way home with his wife, he complained of some pains and they turned back to the hospital where he was admitted in the ICU and later announced dead,” says Power FM chairperson Given Mkhari.

His friend, Winston Maimane says Mabena had a lung infection which he has always suffered from.

“Bob complained of not feeling well this past Friday. He subsequently ended up in hospital on Saturday. Up to last night when I spoke to him, he had pretty much recovered from what we could tell and he was due to be discharged this morning which did happen. On the way home, we got a call to say that he had pretty much relapsed 5 minutes or so after leaving the hospital. We rushed back to the hospital while he was being attended to. I guess the doctors were still trying to resuscitate him. Two hours or so later we got the news that they could not save his life and he had passed.”

Mabena’s radio career spans over 30 years.  He has worked with Metro FM, Highveld Stereo, Kaya FM, and most recently Power FM.

He also co-hosted the 90’s hit music television show Studio Mix with Melanie Bala. Last year Mabena hosted the South African Music Awards.

In the file video below, SABC catches up with Bob Mabena:

People have taken to social media to send their tributes.