The newly formed Land Party says it will not support the amendment of the constitution to allow land expropriation without compensation.

The party introduced its Premier candidate for Gauteng earlier on Tuesday.

The new kid on the block is aiming for national government as the country heads to the polls next week.

Another political part and another promise for land but this time with a little bit of twist. While the Land Party supports land reform, it says current rhetoric on land is highly politicised.

Land Party leader Gcobani Ndzongana says, “Land is one of the things that is dividing our country. We are saying there must be referendum whereby South Africans will make choice on their votes.”

Established in the Western Cape, the party also has its sight set on Gauteng. Like all other parties, they’re promising housing and better service delivery.

They are hoping the scrapping of the e-tolls for private citizens will their ticket to take over the economic hub.

Land Party member Nomonde Saule says, “We say, as Land Party, we will take over the debt of e-tolls. The paying of the e-tolls should be the responsibility of the business, the big trucks; not just ordinary citizens; not the middle-class people.”

The party has also promised to open up the economy to allow for job creation.

It’s also planning an overhaul of the education system if elected into power.