Western Cape Human Settlements Minister Bonginkosi Madikizela says he will table a motion in the provincial parliament asking it to refer ANC MP Cameron Dugmore to the ethics committee for inciting violence in Hermanus.

Violent land grab protests in the Overstrand town have resulted in the burning of a police station and looting of shops.

Madikizela says a photograph was taken of a text Dugmore wrote to an ANC colleague, saying that the campaign must be led and driven by the ANC in terms of its policies.

The DA says it shows that the land grabs and unrest are part of the ANC’s political agenda.

“In the context of what we are dealing with in Hermanus, it’s violent protest and land invasion.  Then you see a message from a leader saying we must intensify this campaign. Now, I accept that that sms or WhatsApp conversation between him and his secretary was incomplete, but it’s very clear there that: ‘it’s a campaign that we must drive with our policies’. Now you can understand that we’re coming from a history in this province where the ANC made it very clear, after losing the elections, that they will make this province ungovernable,” said Madikizela.

“This baseless fabrication by the DA against the ANC and comrade Dugmore is an attempt to hide DA failures in Overstrand for over ten years to release land for backyarders in Hermanus.  The ANC is very clear that all campaigns for land and housing must be conducted in terms of the constitution and laws of our country we condemn land grabs without reservation. As the ANC we will never condone populist protests and property to be destroyed,” said Khaya Magaxa, ANC Acting Provincial Chairperson.

“For anyone to suggest that the ANC or myself who is a member of the ANC as an individual who is part of it is trying to provoke land invasions is actual nonsense, and I think this is just a cheap attempt. So to answer your question this Facebook post was being sent.  I’m really intrigued which DA spy was standing so close to me that they took a picture of this,” said Dugmore.

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