Zanozuko Sigcau coronated amaMpondo king despite challenges

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The Imbumba yamaMpondo has coronated King Zanozuko Sigcau in Flagstaff in the Eastern Cape. This despite a pending ruling by the Constitutional Court on who should be the rightful king of the amaMpondo.

The daughter of late King Mpondombini Sigcau, Wezizwe Sigcau lodged an appeal, believing she’s next in line.

AmaMpondo, young and old celebrated the colourful event. Traditional music and dance coupled with praise singing was the order of the day.

The event was attended by religious leaders and traditional leaders from Pondoland.

President of the Twelfth Apostolic Church Caeser Nongqunga blessed the king, emphasizing that a woman may never be a king as kingship is determined by bloodline.

“A lot of people think that our cultures are discriminating against women by saying that women can never be kings. The males are the ones that bring the spirit. They are the ones that are bringing in that bloodline. If you are a female you cannot be a king. If you are a king that means the kingship ends with you. It cannot be prolonged to a generation, because your generation does not belong to this royal family you are coming from.”

Government, Contralesa, the House of traditional leaders and others kings from around South Africa were not present. Contralesa says they have taken a neutral stance.

The new amaMpondo King Zanozuko Sigcau called for unity among the AmaMpondo nation.

“This is a new beginning for the AmaMpondo nation. I pledge all amampondo people to unite. Even though there are differences, I think we can overcome them and we pledge for unity even those that are distancing themselves from this occasion we love them and we appreciate our differences so that we learn from each other. Today is the new beginning of unity here in Mpondoland.”

King Zanozuko Sigcau was approved by the Nhlapo Commission as the rightful king, but its findings were challenged.

The matter now is before the Constitutional Court for a final ruling.

The matter will be heard on the 20th of February.