The Kimberley protest is degenerating into chaos as police try to disperse angry crowds. Some breakaway groups from the march are trying to loot closed shops.

SABC journalists and protestors have been shot with grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Thousands marched to the Sol Plaatje Municipality demanding the sacking of two senior officials.

Angry residents have vowed to camp outside the offices of the municipality until their demands are met.  They burned tyres at the doorsteps of the local municipality.

The residents are demanding that the municipality’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Lydia Mahloko and Municipal Manager, Goolam Akhawaray fired.

The two are accused of handling a controversial electricity tariff hike.

“These people are our leaders. We have put them there. They are doing the same thing as the apartheid government,” says a resident.

“People are fighting for their rights. They are attacking us and we did not even provoke them nor did we attack,” adds another resident.

“Look here, look here. They are shooting women and children with stun grenades,” says another resident.

Police have confirmed that nobody has been arrested, but warns residents city-wide to stay indoors.

Most businesses have closed their doors.