Khomani San welcomes traditional leaders bill

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The Khomani San in the Northern Cape have welcomed the passing of the Traditional and Khoisan Leadership Bill by the National Assembly.

Chairperson of the Khomani SAN and Secretary General of the SAN Council Collin Louw says the Bill is one step closer toward the constitutional recognition for the Khoisan people and realising the dream of the late SAN Leader Dawid Kruiper.

The Bill has been sent to the NCOP for concurrence.

“We are welcoming the bill. The SAN did not oppose it. Our Leader, Dawid Kruiper who passed away, he already indicated that we have to accept this bill and the SAN welcomes this development. This is a right step in the right direction now not only for the SAN but for the broader Khoisan. If you look at the Khoisan people there are saying we are not recognised.