Kenneth Kaunda turns 94

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Zambia’s independence leader and former long-time president Kenneth Kaunda turns 94 on Saturday. Kaunda, one of Africa’s elder statesmen, led Zambia for 27 years until he stepped down peacefully in 1991.

Kuanda spearheaded Zambia to independence from British rule in 1964.  Zambia was a one-party state for much of that time. His track record includes his ability to negotiate complex tensions.

He is a recipient of the prestigious Ubuntu Award. He was the second reciepient to the award, the first was Nelson Mandela. The Ubuntu Award recognises people who have consistently lived the humanitarian values of the African philosophy of Ubuntu.  Kaunda contributed in the fight against Apartheid in South Africa when Zambia suffered bombings from the apartheid government. He is still a friend of South Africa.