Karyn Maughan files urgent application to interdict Zuma’s private prosecution against her

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News24 legal journalist Karyn Maughan has appeared in a separate courtroom in the High Court in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, for her application for urgent application to interdict former president Jacob Zuma from launching a private prosecution against her.

The private prosecution of Maughan and prosecutor Advocate Billy Downer are due to be heard in the same court on Monday. Zuma laid a criminal charge in terms of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Act of the unauthorised disclosure of NPA documents in connection with the alleged leak of his confidential medical report.

The News24 legal team says it will approach the KwaZulu-Natal Judge President Isaac Madondo to have both matters heard together. Editor Adrian Basson says they will continue to fight for Maughan.

“So as News 24, we brought this urgent application to dismiss the prosecution of former president Jacob Zuma against Karyn Maughan. We believe that this is an absolute violation of court processes. He is trying to silence the journalist. We are asking the courts to do always with this matter before it starts”, says Basson.

VIDEO | Former President Jacob Zuma vs Billy Downer, Kary Maughan case at Pietermaritzburg Court: