Parents and children have been warned to be vigilant. This as a teenage girl from Kagiso on the West Rand has managed to escape an alleged child trafficking ring.

She was abducted, drugged and taken to a property in nearby Witpoortjie. The grade 12 pupil is still traumatised.

She was snatched on her way home from a shop on Sunday afternoon.

The girl was bundled into the backseat of a car, next to another young girl that appeared unconscious. She says she was sprayed with an unknown substance then blacked out.

“The next thing I knew I was at a house with the girl that was in the car and the two men. The house was filled with other girls. I was told not to panic and not to make noise. These men later that night brought us food, and they would inject the water they gave us with some sort of drugs right in front of us.”

The girls seemed to have been destined for far away countries.

“They said that they would not rape us. They said that the number of young girls they need isn’t enough yet, so they will keep hunting for other girls and only then will they take us to Pretoria and after we get to Pretoria they will take us overseas.”

The next day she managed to escape through a window without burglar bars. She got help at Leratong Hospital.

“After this ordeal had happened we are left in limbo and my daughter is now constantly asleep and she hardly ever leaves her room. We try to make her feel relaxed,” says the victim’s father.

The family has laid kidnapping charges.

Police wouldn’t comment.