JHB fire survivors moved to City shacks

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The temporary shelter where victims of the Marshalltown fire have been moved to has been described as inhumane. The survivors were relocated from the Hoflands Recreational Centre this week to an industrial area in Denver, Johannesburg, with no access to water or electricity.

Over 100 corrugated iron structures have been constructed. Each has one window, no furniture, and a lock on the outside. The area has no electricity or ablution facilities, with a scattering of mobile toilets.

These shelters have been reserved for South Africans only, leaving many of the migrants who were also displaced unsure of where they will be moved.

Photos by Hasina Gori

The Human Rights Commission, along with the lawyers for the victims, social workers and the Johannesburg Fire Victim Support Group visited the area this morning to conduct a site visit on its feasibility.

FIRE VICTIMS (17/11/2023) by SABC Digital News

In August, a fire gutted a five-story hijacked building in the Inner City of Johannesburg. 77 people lost their lives, with hundreds of others left displaced.

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