Janusz Walusz set to attempt another parole application

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Human rights lawyer Richard Spoor has accused the authorities of double standards in the way they have handled Janusz Walusz’s parole application.

The Constitutional Court will on Monday deliver judgment in the matter of Walusz, the killer of the former South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary Chris Hani and the Justice Department, the Hani family and the SACP.

Walusz has approached the apex court to ask it to review and overturn Justice Minister Ronald Lamola’s refusal to grant him parole.

This is Walusz’s fifth attempt to get parole since his first application in 2011.

Spoor says Walusz’s multiple parole applications have been rejected despite being a model prisoner.

Spoor says, “He’s undergone counselling, he’s apologised, abandoned his ideology, a far right-wing ideology. It’s very difficult to give every other example of his conduct. There’s nothing to suggest that he hasn’t told the truth. Two people were arrested, two people were convicted, him and Clive Derby-Lewis. Derby-Lewis was released on his deathbed. To ask somebody to tell the truth because of a conspiracy theory and to insist that there’s something bigger behind this, I don’t think has been a serious argument. And I don’t think that the court will take that into account.”

In February 2022, Judgment in Janusz Walusz’s case at the ConCourt was reserved: