Mushe Mphahlele is an entrepreneur from Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga, who’s confident that the democratic government has served its citizens.

“I am Mushe Mphahlele. I am from Kwamhlanga and I am 34.  I think the government has done its best in order for one to succeed and to move forward in life.  The sad part is that people expect the government to do everything for them.  When you give 60%, the government can throw in 40% and you can be a well-off individual.

“In a sense that you’re able to even open our own companies, so we can work and hire people, it’s the work of the government. We cannot dispute that part.  We are sitting in a good space with the government,” Mphahlele explains.

Mphahlele says the government is doing its level best to deliver.

“It hurts to see our people struggling out there.  It hurts to see our mothers and fathers who fought very hard struggling.  It’s time for young people to stand up and make sure that we stop the unnecessary bickering about ‘government this and government that’.  It’s time we put in 50% and the government will also play its part so that we will be able to become better individuals.”

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