It’s still inconclusive whether or not Ramaphosa should step aside: Mabuza

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Deputy President David Mabuza says it’s still inconclusive whether or not President Cyril Ramaphosa should step aside, pending proper investigations by law enforcement agencies.

Ramaphosa is facing a criminal investigation after claims he failed to report the theft of about $ 4 million  in cash from his farm two years ago.

Former spy boss, Arthur Fraser, laid a criminal complaint against the president, accusing him of money laundering and other charges.

Mabuza was asked in the National Assembly whether he is ready to assume responsibilities of the president of South Africa, if Ramaphosa steps down.

He says the matter should be thoroughly investigated first.

Mabuza says, “I don’t think we have reached any point that seeks to say the president must step down, all I know is that a case has been opened and we have allowed the different institutions of our country to investigate, and make a determination and beyond that probably a decision will be taken after a determination has been made.”

Step-aside resolution

The African National Congress (ANC) says its step-aside resolution has not been implemented against Ramaphosa, as police have not yet levelled formal charges on allegations of a theft incident at his farm in Limpopo.

ANC’s spokesperson Pule Mabe says, “The organisation has again expressed full confidence in the President of the ANC. You step aside when you are indicted to appear in a court of law and have been charged with serious crimes. As matters stand, President Cyril Ramaphosa has not been charged with any crime.”

“Simply going to a police station and opening a case does not mean that persons are charged. Investigations must be undertaken and the police must then be convinced that there are prospects of success. So those who are coming out to say the President must step aside, the president of the ANC is not criminally charged,” explains Mabe.

Below is the full interview with Pule Mabe: