It’s difficult to stipulate when load shedding will end: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says it is difficult to stipulate when load shedding will end.

Ramaphosa was speaking on the sidelines of the annual Presidential Golf Challenge, that was held at the Atlantic Beach Golf Estate in Melkbostrand, outside Cape Town.

A day after the State of the Nation Address (SONA), he hit the greens in a bid to raise funds for the less fortunate as part of his foundation.

The golf challenge, attended by politicians, government officials and business people, aims to raise funds to build ablution facilities in schools.

Ramaphosa says any indication he made in the past about ending load shedding and Eskom did not achieve it, he would be accused of lying.

He says load shedding affects all spheres of people’s lives.

Ramaphosa says, “We doing all we can to ensure that we address load shedding. It is a constant problem for South Africans, we know that and everybody feels it. It’s not comfortable at all. In fact, it does sometimes evoke a lot of anger but as I’ve said we do have the resilience as South Africans to keep on ensuring that we do hope for a better time and a better time is coming.”

Eskom pushed load shedding to Stage 6 this morning.