International observers commend SA elections

Thtthe Khine
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International observers, who are in the country, have commended South Africa on how parties and citizens have conducted themselves during the campaigning period.

More than 70 observers have been accredited to oversee the national election on Wednesday.

Some gave an account on their observations on days prior the elections.

A Zimbabwe observer, Michael Mukashi says a few days before election in Zimbabwe the situation was tense.

“When I was told we are going for a run in Soweto I thought will we be safe? Because our understanding back home is that Soweto is a violent prone area. I thought maybe I was going to witness what we normally do in Zimbabwe. Some few days before the elections, there is no freedom of association. What I witnessed here, it was so free seeing someone wearing an ANC t-shirt, a DA, EFF t-shirt.”

An observer from Myanmar, Thetthe Khine believes there is something her country can learn from South Africa.

“We are a very young democracy, and we are going to have the general election in 2020. So we have everything to learn from South Africa.”