IFP, COPE call for formalisation of taxi industry

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The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) in Parliament says formalisation of the taxi industry will be the best solution for its current challenges.

The party says it does not support any changes in the National Land and Transport Act.

Party MP, Petros Sithole says formalisation of the industry will be an impetus in the stabilisation of the sector as a whole.

“Our proposal as the IFP, we think that we have to deal with the issue of formalisations of the taxi industry. When we are formalising the taxi industry, it will [enable] the commuters to be funded [subsidies] as it happens in buses and trains. That’s why, long time ago the IFP was always pressing for the formalisation of the taxi industry.”

“The problem that we are facing when we are talking about the National Land bill, they didn’t actually submit their comments on that bill. That bill was not in our favour as the IFP because we have some loopholes that we have seen on that bill.”

Meanwhile, Congress of the People (COPE) says it is against the call by Al Jama-ah for a change to the law to establish a national structure for the taxi industry.

The party described this as a short term solution to a long term problem.

COPE national spokesperson Dennis Bloem says the industry needs to be formalised in order for it to receive government subsidy.

“Instead of supporting the call for the formalisation of the taxi industry, Al Jama-ah party is busy with the bill to amend the National Land and Transport Act. We will not support this call by Al Jama-ah because we do not believe in short cuts.”

“Let us support the call for the formalisation of the taxi industry. We believe that it is long over due. The government must subsidies the taxi industry, the same way as buses, trains and even airplanes. Surely that will bring everlasting stability in the taxi industry,” adds Bloem.

The video below is reporting more on the taxi story: