Ian Khama says he feels safe in South Africa, may never return to Botswana

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Former Botswana President Ian Khama says he feels safe in South Africa and at this stage believes he will never go back to Botswana.

He says several members of his family have fled the country as they were harassed by the current government.

Attempts to get comment from the Botswana government have so far not been successful.

Khama spoke exclusively to the SABC about his fears of going back to Botswana.

“My family, they have been carrying out illegal detentions of a number of people in the country and there are about 18. Of that 18, 13 of us are outside Botswana at this moment in time. Two of my brothers, one of their wives was locked up detained few weeks ago.”


Khama has denied he’s a fugitive and says he’s not running away from justice in his home country. He’s charged with the unlawful possession of firearms in Botswana.

He has since described the charges as trumped up and part of the persecution he has suffered at the hands of Botswana.

Khama maintains that all his firearms are licensed.

“This whole thing about the weapons, the weapons that I have are looked after by the intelligence service of the country who provide me (with) protection. They put them away, they keep a record of them (and) they renew their license. So, isn’t it so ridiculous that the same organisation whose personnel look after my weapons are the same ones who want to charge me for having those weapons?”

Former Botswana President Ian Khama says he’s not a fugitive in South Africa: