Grandmaster Ready D was born in District 6 in the Western Cape. He is one of the founding members of the Prophets of the City and BVK. He is also focused on road safety and youth development. He was 11-years-old when his family was one of those forcefully removed from the area and relocated to Lentegeur in Mitchell’s Plain.

He says that this was a traumatic experience.

“Looking back, it was extremely traumatic. It was extremely sad and the more I think about it, the more it actually impacts how I think from a psychological and emotional standpoint. Because all the events that led up to us being moved out were all tragic events. I lost a lot of close family in my household. The last person to pass away was my dad, and shortly after that it was the move.”

Ready D says friends and families were separated during the relocations.

“I actually saw District 6 come down. The houses around us were bulldozed and I saw the collapse of District 6. So, I saw it in its glory days and I saw the collapse, and friends and family… we were all relocated into different areas and separated.”

He also says democracy has tangible value to a select few.

“The lack of political will, leadership and greed and corruption… looking at things from that perspective, then I don’t think that we have arrived and democracy looks good. It sounds good on paper and on a theoretical level, but put into practice, it only benefits a select few. Corruption and incompetency and greed, I think that’s the main ingredients that are going to be cause of our demise.”