Nxesi says some Cape Flats residents determined to disrupt him

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Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi says some residents of Mitchell’s Plain on the Cape Flats were determined to disrupt his interaction with them on the amendments of the Employment Equity Act.

Nxesi described the chaos that occurred on Saturday as incomprehensible.

“It’s typical when people are trying to advertise themselves, that they perform the drama that they were performing, moving in and out, raising issues and then going out. It was very clear the intention was to disrupt, but we continued and those who wished to put their issues across, we’ve been able to engage on those issues.”
Some residents have accused Nxesi of sidelining the coloured community on issues including employment.

Many residents walked out after raising their issues during their interaction with the minister.

One of the residents, Asheeqah Pastor, said they were furious, “The minister said that the employment equity act is clear as to all the races that must be employed but right under our nose at the Labour office in Mitchells Plain, there was only Blacks working there and one Indian guy. And after it was addressed to the minister or attention was brought to it, then only Coloured people started working there.

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