Human rights organisation lodges complaint against Mogoeng over COVID-19 vaccines comment

Mogoeng Mogoeng
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Human rights organisation Africa for Palestine lodges yet another complaint against Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng with the Judicial Service Commission.

Mogoeng caused a stir after video footage surfaced of him cautioning against harmful COVID-19 vaccines during a prayer.

Africa for Palestine’s Director Muhammed Desai, says these comments undermine medical science adding that although they support freedom of speech, the Chief Justice must adhere to the judicial code of conduct.

“I’m not saying that one cannot pray but the problem is what included in that prayer. The code of conduct makes it clear that judges including Justices of the Constitutional Court should not enter into political controversies. If you want to not have that obligation then don’t be a judge. We are bringing this complaint with a reason and that is that you are violating the JSC code of conduct. We can’t have people being anarchistic especially the chief justice of our country during a time when the entire world is searching for a solution to get us out of this pandemic the chief justice should have been more cautious.”

However, the newly formed political party Change Party has called on South Africans to support Chief Justice after getting mixed reactions to his prayer in which he cautioned against what he called harmful COVID-19 vaccines.

Mogoeng dismissed concerns that he might have dangered people’s health by linking coronavirus vaccines to a “Satanic agenda”.

It’s the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic that a senior judge had expressed such views. Change Party president, Lesiba Molokomme says, “In all fairness, all of us who love South Africa should pray against any wrong thing. Against any vaccine that is meant to destroy us. We should pray against that. Listening to his prayer the Chief Justice did not pray against the vaccine actually he prayed against any vaccine that is meant to turn on our DNA and the attack on his prayer and the attack on him is actually an attack on Christians and Christians should not allow that. Change urges all Christians never to be intimidated when exercising their religious freedoms.”