Ramaphosa should have disclosed source of CR17 funding: Mogoeng

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Former Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng says that President Cyril Ramaphosa had a duty to disclose who funded the CR17 campaign.

Mogoeng delivered the inaugural SAfm lecture today under the theme, “Constitutionalism and upholding the rule of law in South Africa”.

During his speech, Mogoeng addressed the consequential failure to disclose as a “sure albeit unintended recipe for corruption under the cover for the facilitation of a well-structured mechanism or legal stratagem having the inescapable effect of evading accountability”.

“The President therefore had the duty to know, if he did not know already who was funding his campaign and to disclose that personal benefit compositely as a benefit from the CR17 campaign as an entity or more appropriately from each donor with a specified amount. Why? So that Parliament and the public could know who was helping or had helped him to perform better than his competitors and enabled him to become ANC president and a few months later, President of the Republic.”

He adds, Ramaphosa frustrated the efforts of the office of the Public Protector by “withholding the truth” during its CR17 probe.

Mogoeng says that the emails exposed the “falsehood of the version of the President and the CR17 campaign managers”.

“He demands more than once that the Public Protector should explain to him how and from whom she obtained, this admittedly truthful but reputationally damaging emails, not once does he explain why he and his team chose not to tell the truth but to rather mislead the Public Protector as he did. Instead, he says that the emails are in any event irrelevant to the Public Protector’s findings but that cannot be correct for not only are the emails relevant but they also expose the falsehood of the version that the President and the CR17 campaign managers chose to present to the Public Protector.”