Home Affairs will not tolerate unethical conduct: Minister

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Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says his department is committed to ensuring that cases in which officials are accused of corruption are speedily concluded.

He has confirmed that the Department’s Director for Appeals, Major Kobese has been fired.

Kobese attempted to facilitate the illegal processing of visas for the Gupta associate Ashu Chawla and others in Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates.

Motsoaledi says his department will not tolerate unethical conduct.

“We now have a very effective counter-corruption unit. Much as these things were committed sometime back, it’s only last year that the people [were] reported officially to the department. I’m sure all the other times people thought nothing would happen, but people ended up being fired. This also encourages the honest workers who start reporting what happened some time back,” adds Motsoaledi.

The audio below is the full interview with the minister: