Holidaymakers flock to the beaches on Christmas Day

Holiday makers and revellers
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The warm Durban beaches have forced out people out of their homes to experience fun on the coast. Holidaymakers and revelers say they have decided to spend Christmas Day at the seaside.

They say Durban is a place to be with warm beaches, high security and good weather.

Some say they spend the day with their family to renew their love and unity on the beach. “It’s our family ritual. We come and spend a day have a picnic. As you can see, it’s a family thing.”

“I am mostly in Jo’burg and we don’t have the beach in Jo’burg. So, we could not wait for December to come down and enjoy the beach. It’s a thing for Jo’burg guys to come down and actually enjoy in Durban it’s great,” says one of the holidaymakers.

Some says they normally go into town at 5:30 in the morning every Christmas  day while others say Durban is the warmest place to be.

Meanwhile, ANC Western Cape secretary, Faiez Jacobs, has called for a protest at all beaches in the Western Cape after a private security company allegedly enforced by-laws at Clifton Beach in the Cape Peninsula where members of the public – including his family – were allegedly forced off the beach at sunset.

The security company apparently assumed cleaning duties after City Law Enforcement personnel had left the beach and instructed people to leave.

Jacobs says city authorities could have prevented this from happening.

“It’s unacceptable that in this City of Cape Town you still have protection of privilege. We, as comrades, are gonna come together and see that we going to implement what Tutu used to have that ‘all God’s beaches for all God’s people’. There was a defiance campaign in 1989 and I think it’s appropriate that we must ensure that our beaches remain open to all our people.”

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